26. 8. 2022

I am writing to you late, but certainly no less grateful.
Our second daughter (the first daughter is a miracle according to the doctors – conceived naturally) was born after the first IVF (first ET) VBAC 9.8.2021 at 20:20 in Roudnice nad Labem.
The whole pregnancy was very difficult, I had several hospital stays due to bruises and constant bleeding, then amniotic fluid accumulation and gestational diabetes. The delivery was long, difficult, spontaneous at 37+2. But we got through everything (including my surgery when I she was 2 months old), the little one is a healthy, well-behaved and happy baby, she is docile, smiling and making everyone very happy.
Actually, I don’t even know how to thank you. We tried for five years to have a second child (in the meantime we had a miscarriage), we were originally in another clinic, but it was only with you that I felt that we were in the right place.
Anežka filled the hole in my heart. Only with her are we complete. And completely happy.

Thank you.

With love and humility, the V family.

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