Fertility preservation

Social freezing

As more and more people postpone having children until much later in their life there is a rising need to preserve their fertility – this includes both women and men.

If you are thinking about having chlidren in the future and want to have assurance that it will be possible it is best to preseverve your oocytes or sperm as soon as possible; the quality of oocytes and sperm continuously decrease.

The newest methods of cell and tissue cryopreservation are so gentle that they allow for the thawing and usage for conception purposes even after a decade of storage in the cryobank.

When to think about cryopreservation?

  • When a woman or a man is expecting cancer treatment, cryopreservation should be considered.
  • If you are thinking about postoponing having children after turning 30 years. Sadly the quality of both sperm and eggs will be lowered and it may be difficult for you to get pregnant.
  • Preserving your sperm and eggs early in life that is before turning 30 is a method that can increase the chances of pregnancy.
  • It is possible to fertilize an egg with thawed or fresh sperm and versa.

Vitrification / Cryopreservation

Vitrification is a more modern cryopreservation method, during which the reproductive cells (sperm, eggs and embryos) are rapidly cooled to -196 °C within one second. Media containing high concentrations of cryo-protective substances, protecting cells from damage, are used during this method of freezing.

Reproductive cells can be stored in this manner for many years. In spite of the standardised procedures, not all embryos survive the process of freezing and thawing in a condition enabling transfer into the woman’s uterus.

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