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ICSI - Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

This micromanipulation method consists in selecting one high-quality sperm, which is immobilized using a special glass micropipette (it is prevented from moving by breaking the microtubules in the flagellum), sucked into the pipette and inserted directly into the cytoplasm of a mature egg capable of fertilization.

ICSI has become a standard method used in IVF today

PICSI - Intracytoplasmic injection of preselected sperm

The PICSI method is a micromanipulation method of more effective selection of fertile sperm for ICSI. The selection of these sperm is possible thanks to “hyaluronan”, a protein that occurs naturally in the layer of cells surrounding the egg.

Only sperm capable of fertilization will bind thanks to receptors to this substance contained in the gel, which is present on the Petri dish, where the selection of sperm takes place. Sperm with the ability to bind to hyaluronan have been shown to have a lower incidence of chromosomal anomalies and better DNA integrity.

The PICSI method is recommended where there is low fertilization after ICSI, sperm values are below the normal limit, repeated miscarriages in the anamnesis of the treated couple and the woman’s age is over 35 years.


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