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Klinika Stellart s.r.o. vznikla v roce 2010 a nachází se v samém srdci lázeňského města Teplice.

We founded the Stellart clinic in 2010 with a simple mission – to help dreams come true. We located it in the very heart of the spa town of Teplice.

We have been helping couples who cannot start a family naturally for 13 years.

Our main and only goal is to ease and help solve this difficult situation for our clients.

Thanks to the experience and high qualifications of our staff, we can provide our clients with comprehensive care in the field of infertility treatment, gynecology and aesthetic gynecology.

Our clinic is equipped with the most modern technology and yet offers a calm and family environment. This seems to us very important for the psychological well-being of clients.

We prefer an individual approach and maximum care to each of our clients with the aim of achieving the highest possible success in their difficult journey to their dream goal.

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What we can help with

At our clinic, we focus on comprehensive care in the treatment of infertility using the most modern methods.
Your journey will begin with diagnosing the problem, choosing the appropriate treatment with the help of supportive methods and ending with solving the problem, in the best case, in a pregnancy.
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IVF, IUI, ICSIAssisted reproduction

– individual treatment, professional approach, state-of-the-art methods
– the possibility of using a wide database of reproductive cell donors
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eggs, sperm, oocytesDonor IVF

– donor program for infertile couples
no waiting time, treatment starts immediately
– a large database of female donors
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Increase your chances of conceiving a healthy baby with preimplantation genetic testing
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– gynekologická ambulantní ordinace
– přesný čas objednání, krátké čekací doby
– moderní prostředí a špičkoví odborníci

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    Your happy stories

    We are happy that our clinic is behind so many happy stories and satisfied families.


    Stellinka already celebrated her first year in January, and Maxík unexpectedly joined us this February, whom we conceived naturally 6 months after Stellinka's birth.
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    We are happy to announce that our Emička was born on February 20, 2023, thanks only to you.
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    We are sending you a picture of our little girl who was born thanks to your help. Thank you for being a true expert with...
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    Fíla (Filip)

    Thanks to you, we will spend this first Christmas like a real family! Despite all of our health complications and difficulties, you supported us and...
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    Every morning for my husband and I is more beautiful than ever, and that's only because our little princess opens her magical eyes and smiles...
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    It wasn't easy for us at all, trying for a baby for so many months and still nothing. Finally, we visited the Stellart clinic, where...
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    Lina Magdalena Hope

    Good morning, dear Stellart Clinic team. We would like to inform you that little Lina Magdalena Hope Sommer was born on October 10th, 2018. Thank...
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    Treatment success

    IVF program success by age

    As part of the treatment success statistics, we only record real pregnancies, i.e. confirmed fetal heart action.

    Our team

    Our clinic has a team of top experts with many years of experience in the field of assisted reproduction, gynecology and obstetrics.
    We can guarantee you the top care and an individual approach in infertility treatment.
    Stellart Clinic - staff (doctors, nurses, coordinators)

    Gynecologist / IVF specialistMUDr. Zdeněk Stránský

    Stellart Clinic - staff (doctors, nurses, coordinators)

    Gynecologist / IVF specialistMUDr. Noble Ayitey Ayayee


    We are here for you

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