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Aesthetic gynecology


Our clinic provides a wide range of gynecological services, we also operate as a standard gynecological office.

Aesthetic gynecology is available to all women who wish to address a problem with the appearance of their private parts. The shape of the external organs affects women’s satisfaction more than it might seem.

Stellart Clinic offers women the following services:

If you too are dealing with these intimate problems, do not hesitate to contact us and arrange an initial consultation with our doctor, who will explain everything to you and answer your questions in detail.


Labiaplasty consists of modeling and adjusting the usually enlarged labia minora, which are covered by the labia majora during the proper development of the female external genitalia. By shrinking the labia minora, the clitoris will be exposed.

The color and size of the labia minora is different for every woman, we recognize up to 70 types of female genital appearance. Sometimes the labia minora can develop to such a size that it protrudes over the labia majora, which can cause a woman various problems in everyday life – difficulties with hygiene, wearing underwear or swimwear (rubbing against clothes or wearing “thong” panties). There can also be difficulties during sports activities (cycling) and unpleasant feelings in sexual life, and the aesthetic appearance is also important.

Often a woman is more troubled by the psychological side than the physical. Everything can be solved with the help of labiaplasty, or plastic surgery of the labia.

Vaginal plastic surgery

Plastic surgery of the vaginal entrance will help to remove deformities caused by imperfect healing of the genital system or disproportionate enlargement of the vaginal entrance after childbirth or in old age, if the patient perceives it as such and it worsens her sexual experiences. With increasing age and the number of births, there is laxity of the vaginal entrance. A decrease in elasticity has a negative effect on reduced stimulation during sexual intercourse, thereby reducing the quality of a woman’s intimate life.

How are the procedures performed?

Before the procedure, a consultation with the doctor is necessary about ideas and possibilities of the procedure. This is followed by a pre-operative examination, which you can arrange with your general practitioner. It is advisable to plan the operation for the period just after the end of menstruation. During the procedure, a drawing of the extent of the required reduction is first made, i.e. reduction surgery of one or both labia minora. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, which lasts about 1 hour. A bleeding-limiting agent is applied to the area and incisions are made in such a way as to spare the nerve fibers of this erogenous area.

After the procedure, the patient is discharged with an escort home in about 2 hours.

Postoperative regimen

Rest is important after the procedure, long sitting is not recommended. It is also necessary to limit all physically demanding and sports activities until healing is completed.

The postoperative swelling subsides around the third day after the procedure. Definitive healing takes place within two weeks and, if necessary, incapacity for work lasts seven to ten days. Sexual abstinence should last four to six weeks after the procedure.

Aesthetic gynecology price list

Consultation 500,- CZK
Unilateral resection of the labia minora 8 000,- CZK
Bilateral resection of the labia minora 9 500,- CZK
Vaginal plastic surgery 8 000,- CZK

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