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It has not been easy for us, so many months trying to get pregnant and still nothing. Finally, we went to the Stellart Clinic where we found a very nice staff: the nurses, the doctor, and the embryologists were all incredibly friendly. They explained everything to us several times, they always answered all our questions and in the end, thanks to them, we were able to have our first son who makes us happy from day to day. When we plan to have a second child, we will definitely go back to Dr. Schmitz!


For me and my husband, every morning is much more beautiful than in the past, only because our little princess opens her enchanting eyes and smiles at us. All this we owe to the entire Stellart Clinic team and Dr. Schmitz!


This year, thanks to you, we will spend our first Christmas as a family! Despite all our complications and suffering, you helped us and you never gave up. You have constantly supported us and helped us find the strength to continue. And that paid off. Thanks to your extremely human approach, your understanding and the fact that the clinic's premises have a family and friendly atmosphere, I felt calm and safe. We thank you and we wish all others to have the same luck as us!


We are sending you a picture of our little girl who could only be born with your help. We thank you for what you are. You are indeed a real professional whose heart is in the right place.


To constantly hear around you "let it go its own pace, you will get there", is straining. When we arrived at the clinic, I was afraid to hear the same thing, it is indeed routine for them. But it was the opposite! The incredible understanding, the approach and the support of the team, it is thanks to that that we have now our magnificent princess. I thank the Stellart Clinic, Dr. Schmitz and the Embryologist Team!


The pleasure of seeing such a smile every day, I owe it to the excellent approach of the Stellart Clinic and Dr. Schmitz. After several unsuccessful attempts in other centers, it was he who found the reason for our problems and his attempt was successful the first time. We thank you, me and my husband. We have a beautiful son, thanks to you!


After much effort and suffering, Dr. Schmitz and the prodigious team at Stellart Clinic managed to help me. Thank you once again for giving us the opportunity to finally be a family!

Tobiášek Skořepa

Great satisfaction. Great team of doctors and approach to clients.

Petra Čutková

Dr. Schmitz is a super, he has a human approach, he does not take the patient as a piece of meat. He helped us a lot and thanks to him and the whole team we have a beautiful seven month old girl who makes us happy. It happened on the very first try.

Astrid, Dennis and Lili Hamstrad-Ook

Thanks to your clinic, we are happy parents. It was a long way and we are now very happy to have chosen your clinic.

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